Chef Rick Tarantino

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March 2013

Flavorstone Cookware - Launches  on  QVC London


August 2013

Chef Rick Rerutns to HSN with FlavorChef

Unlock The Chef 
in You

Chef Rick brings you the latest in Food and Cookware.  Great Recipes you can cook at home.  He has partnered with MY Secret Pantry to bring you the best deals on his products.  Click on the link above and UNLOCK THE CHEF IN YOU .


Or Tune in to  HSN in the USA and on QVC in London or The Shopping Channel Canada to see him selling the newest products. You can also catch him on the PM Show with  Larry Manetti on CRN Radio


He created Tarantino Food Group, LLC that specializes in developing Food, Recipes and Kitchen Products .  Check out our Clients.


To Book Chef Rick or have him put you product on TV or in he Market Place Call our hotline at (856) 816-0624 or email us at newproducts@tarantinofood group,com.

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Chef Rick Tarantino, MS